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Arthur Marblestone was very fortunate to have spent his entire career in virtually all phases of the motion picture business.

Starting out in exhibition as an assistant manager (with a salary of $115 per week!) at UA Theaters Squire Theater in Great Neck, New York, Arthur Marblestone was promoted by company president Sallah Hassanein and was put through a training program where he worked in every department, ending up in booking. After that he made the switch to distribution. Working for several companies including New World Pictures, Arthur handled all types of product: commercial, specialized, and everything in between. Since these companies were smaller than the majors, he was able to learn and handle a vast array of duties. This included screening films for acquisition, attending various trade events, being on several industry boards (such as a member of the MPAA appeal board,) but most of all meeting and dealing with some great exhibitors, producers, directors, and talent. After his distribution career, Arthur switched to motion picture advertising, mostly as a Partner at Media First International where he honed his marketing chops. The culmination of this was a tremendous opportunity. In 2006 Arthur became Senior Executive Vice President - Marketing and Distribution at Picturehouse where he oversaw all aspects of the marketing and distribution of a varied slate of successful films including THE WOMEN, PAN'S LABYRYNTH, LA VIE EN ROSE, KIT KITTREDGE: AN AMERICAN GIRL, and MONGOL among many others. The people at Picturehouse were great and did wonderful work, but parent Time Warner decided to shut the company down in late 2008. (Something about cutting costs to please stockholders. Arthur really could not complain, as it was their bat and ball.)

As you can see from the above, Arthur Marblestone's experience is pretty vast. His contact list is huge and it can honestly be said that he has dealt with and knows more people in all phases of the business than just about anybody else. All which can be used to your advantage.